Energy Psychology, Psychotherapy and Healing Practices
with Joan Feldman, LMSW, ACSW

Joan Feldman, MSW, Energy Psychology

Hello and welcome to my website. I am delighted that you are here because this means that you want to know more Energy Psychology, the Law of Attraction and the limitless possibilities they offer for personal healing and growth.

In this rapidly changing and innovative world it is not surprising that the field of psychology is also changing. Long held beliefs and truths have not proven themselves nearly as effective as had been hoped. Often people are left feeling frustrated and hopeless. Energy Psychology, coupled with the Law of Attraction, offers a totally new paradigm in healing to match our changing times. The strategies and techniques that are employed in this revolutionary approach are amazingly fast, effective, and long lasting. In addition, they are easily learned and applicable to a wide range of issues, both psychological and physical.

I have been a psychotherapist for almost 25 years with experience in many areas, but nothing I have ever used or heard about, comes even close to the effectiveness of these techniques and approach. Since I have begun using these techniques and adopted this new perspective, my life, and the lives of my clients, have changed dramatically. I have seen people eliminate lifetime fears and phobias in one or two sessions. I have witnessed clients releasing terrible pain from past trauma and then, finally, able to move beyond it. Right before my eyes I watch with wonder as people move beyond their old, negative and limiting beliefs into the freedom of personal power and self-actualization. I cannot tell you how wonderful and awe-inspiring this has been for my clients, and for myself, both personally and professionally.

In my practice I use a variety to techniques and approaches, all coupled with Energy Psychology and the Law of Attraction, to help people achieve their goals. Although energy work will often relieve or eliminate symptoms by itself, I believe we do our most valuable work when we combine a cognitive/behavior approach, along with imagery and, sometimes, hypnosis. This provides us with an understanding of why we behave or act in the way that we do, the opportunity to re-evaulate those decisions, and the tools necessary to break free from old, limiting behaviors and create positive, lasting change.

I invite you to spend some time visiting my website and acquainting yourself with these wonderful and exciting new opportunities for creating the life you really want. Please go the FROG IN MY BASEMENT link to learn about a new book I’ve just completed that puts all of this information in an easy to understand, informative and very personal perspective.

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